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Are Your Brand Photos Telling the Right Story?

Is it time to raise your companies image with a collection of current authentic photographs?

Coming from a marketing background, these skills and capabilities allow me to help you craft a visual story which resonates with your target audience and raise awareness all with purpose and intention.  It’s not about pretty pictures, it’s about capturing photographs which tell a story that are fit for purpose.

Working with a photographer who has the foresight to take photographs composed for where and how they will be used takes both photography and marketing skill.  Different marketing channels and platforms require different formats and ratios to work, it’s definitely not one photograph for everything, for example website banners are skinny and wide, social media are more square.

If you’re needing to update;

  • Team portraits and bio photographs
  • Interior and exterior office images
  • Out in the field images of your team
  • Products and services in use
  • Client testimonials and endorsements
  • Collection of stock images for every day marketing

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Latest Projects

Chilton + Mayne

It was aprivilegee to updatether imagery for their website.


Dairy Hoofcare Institute and Veehof Dairy Services

For growing businesses maintaining a high impact and relevant image, library is crucial to effective marketing efforts and brand awareness. Recently DHI and Veehof updated their image bank from portraits to behind the scenes of their lameness management workshops to their head office and crush assembly and distribution centre.


From recruitment to management, Trinity Employment Services takes care of all your staffing needs. They are focused on making your business a success. They work closely with you to ensure they are providing the right candidate for the job. They will manage the people so you can focus on your business.


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