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Meet Joanne

I never started my business, dreaming I would be doing what I am now 2 years later. I'm following my heart and pursuing with passion what brings me joy and happiness in a purposeful way. My life thus far has had many peaks and valleys, and the more I follow this journey, I realise every one of these experiences guides and shapes the next season of life.

Life has taught me...

our memory fades with time, but photographs have a way of making time STAND STILL.

My journey as an entrepreneur started back in 2007, while as a side hustle helping my brother Corey market his start-up joinery business. I saw a gap in the local market for a dedicated marketing company to help local businesses grow, and JFM Creatives was born. Things were just getting started and I attracted my first client ( I didn't know it at the time, he would become my husband), in June 2007 my brother Corey lost his life in a fall while hunting up the Avoka Valley, Rakaia Gorge. We were best of mates, lived together and had only spent a year or two apart, and this is when my deep-rooted desire and appreciation for preserving memories started.

All my family struggled not having our little bro around, and in 2012 I lost my dad to suicide. In a few months, I had been to my dad's and both grandparent's funerals, and I had a personal joke that "I wasn't going to any more suite and sammie occasions people - keep your feet in your boots!" Life moves and evolves, and as someone said to me, you don't get over grief, life just gets easier with happier times.

My first date with my now-husband James McCloy was on Valentines' Day, at the South Island Field Days in Gore and we married 7 years later on Valentines' day 2015. I never thought starting a family was a possibility having had POS since my early twenties and by November that year I was surprised to learn I was going to be mum to Ryan at 17 weeks, truly the most rewarding experience of my life. I'm privileged to be a step mum to three adult children and gran to three grandchildren.

I can't really put my finger on what triggered me to buy a camera in May 2021, nor watch hours of YouTube videos and invest in photography education from some of the world's best. But as they say, sometimes you don't have a say when it's meant to be, it's meant to be.

I started out photographing family as you do and attending workshops in Christchurch covering genres from weddings, pets, people and kids, boudoir and Lightroom to grow my skills. I'm forever grateful to my first client Kirsty who booked me for a personal branding session in November, and as they say, the rest is history.

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This creative journey was a surprise to me!

Emotive, joyful and timeless

My style is crafted from my journey

Helping people create a priceless legacy of where they are right now in life across business, life and lifestyle is a privilege that I truly treasure. You may wonder why I've shared my story when some things are so profoundly personal, as you've got to know a bit about me. I believe we all have our own story that creates our journey and shapes us into who we are today. By sharing my journey, I hope you feel confident to be you, know I've got your back, and that I bring compassion and understanding.

I'm here to photograph you as you are and help you shine brighter than ever before. You can rest assured you'll collaborate with someone who "gets you and any of life's quirks". There's no need to feel embarrassed, nervous or self-conscious about anything. I'm a chilled-out, open-minded, caring soul.

I've found the reasons for photographs are endless, and I'm focused on helping people feel comfortable and confident in front of the cameras, so together we create the most stunning genuine photographs that truly reflect you!

Let's capture wonderful photos of you!

MY LENSE OF THE WORLD IS SO DIFFERENT from any other photographer, because of life experiences!

Get to know me!

If you're wondering if I'm the right fit for you on a personal level or will I be someone you feel comfortable around, you can learn more about my story through the various blog articles below and also hear me talk. I'm all about the vibe someone gives you, and maybe you are too. Take a peek around!

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