Supporting disruptive Self-Leaders committed to being fearlessly authentic through an increase in their truth, creativity and presence by outgrowing the obstacles hindering their evolvement.

That sums up Elle perfectly!  She’s the most energetic, bubbly person I know with the best B.S. detector on the planet.  There’s no sidestepping, light excuses or waffle with this girl.  She’s committed to helping those who deeply desire change within themselves, and draws on her skills, experience and personal connection to deliver results.  I’ve been a coaching client of Elle’s and I can truly say the tools she gives you, and the impact she has, draws results 4/5 years down the track.

Transformation Maven –
Instagram: @elleanagy –
BA (Hons) Psychology
Certified Inner Life Skills Coach
Certified Pranic Psychotherapist

How Elle described the experience at her session.

“I’m a bundle of contradictions. On the one hand, I’m outspoken, unfiltered and unapologetically me. On the other, I’m an introvert deluxe who shy away from the camera. In truth, one of my greatest challenges in the modern era of technology and ‘being the brand’ has been photos and more specifically, finding a photographer who understands me, who holds space for my immense capacity for joy and allows me to play without looking like a complete infant when it comes to professional photos. Turns out, Joanne is THAT photographer.

From the moment I arrived, she was completely present with me. Taking the time to understand where I’m at in my personal and professional journey, what I desired to get out of our time together, and more importantly, the energy I desired to convey.

She nailed it!

As I walked away from our shoot I was filled with love, joy and I was still laughing.

Normally after a shoot, I find it hard to pick ten I can confidently use. This time around I wasn’t able to find ten that I DIDN’T love. Out of more than a hundred!

I look forward to many more photoshoots with Joanne for both business and personal, capturing moments of the true essence of me.”