Three Sixty Colllision

Three Sixty Collision owned by Vicky and Aaron Jones is an innovative repair business in Ashburton, setting the standard in collision repairs and customer experience.  They recently purchased KB Panel and Paint, and rebranded the business in March to Three Sixty Collision to better reflect its new vision and future goals.

I just loved getting to know the team. We worked together to create a new collection of marketing photographs from new team headshots to behind the scenes in the repair shop, paint booth and the assessment process. My core focus was to create a cohesive, purposeful set of photographs that communicated their core values and represented the essence of their brand when used across all channels.

Aaron’s a familiar face around the agribusiness sector, having worked for a large local machinery dealership for several years in many different roles, first starting as a mechanic and working his way up to various management roles. The skills and experiences gained in this environment have transitioned well to Three Sixty. With many new advancements already implemented into the company, including a specialised industry software program that connects directly with leading insurance providers, Three Sixty is passionate about client experience. The software streamlines the assessment process and links directly with many insurers, but best of all, customers are kept well informed about the progress of their repair.

Many people can feel quite embarrassed when they’ve had an accident; Aaron says there’s no need to; they’ve seen most things before and are focused on helping you get back on the road again safely and as efficiently as possible. Whether another car door has scratched yours in the car park, you’ve hit the accelerator rather than the break, or you have been involved in a slight bump to a significant crash, the crew at Three Sixty take great pride in a quality repair and getting you back on the road!  |  Instagram.  |.  Facebook