Why does walking the same path as your client matter?

Have you ever decided to do something because the time is right?

I've been wanting to do something for a while but only recently had the confidence and courage to do so. Stepping into the space of being an artist is a bit like taking photographs while you, as the photographer, are standing there naked! LOL. You're fully exposed, you're learning your craft, you have big lofty goals and aspirations, you're your own most prominent critic, and you know full well someone else's self-confidence is in your hands. Taking photographs of people is a tremendous honour and responsibility, which I love!

If you watched my two videos yesterday, you'd already know I had my personal branding shoot with Jaime Mclauchlan Photography yesterday because I wanted to do something for myself and my family. This is the first time having professional photographs of myself taken, and tonight I feel so proud that I got out of the way and let myself be photographed in this season of my life, being me and doing me! Walking the same road as my personal branding clients has given me an even deeper insight into all the emotions!

Helping other women shine brighter than ever before takes skill, empathy and understanding. Here's a sneak peek of Jaime and Chelsea's magic!

Hair and Make-Up: Tanglez Hair Studio

Photographer: Jaime Mclauchlan Photography

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