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The magic of your everyday

Lifestyle Photography

Capturing the real moments

I hear it all the time: “I don’t want my photos to look posed.” With a lifestyle photography session your images will be anything but posed. Think candid’s that serve to “capture the moment” versus staging a scene, and stunning, true-to-life photography that tells your story just as it is, at that precise moment.

This slice-of-life approach is great for any genre of photography including weddings, family sessions or other special occasions. With action driven details it will bring your images to life over and over again.


As a family, the most magical thing you can do is spend time together!

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Just the cutest!

Kids & Family Photo Sessions Make a Great Gift Idea.

Family photo sessions are a fun way to bond with your family and to hold on to the special times with the ones you love for a lifetime. Kids and family photo sessions also make a great gift idea, especially for grandparents. Whether they live near or far away, grandparents love showing off their grandkids among their social circles.

I welcome all family portrait sessions, whether you prefer something formal or casual. We’ll work with your children to capture their most natural facial expressions. When you look back upon the growing years, your family photographs will undoubtedly become some of your most prized possessions! Packages start at $650.00. Schedule your session today!

GIFT VOUCHERS make a wonderful gift filled with memories for years to come. Treat those dearest to you with a beautiful gift voucher to either a dollar value towards a session or a family or extended family session (which are custom quoted reflective of the number of family groups and people.) Enquire below, and I will be in touch to arrange all the details; let me know the type of session you're interested in, the number of people and if you have a location in mind. Together we can create a family heirloom!

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The Process

12hrs around your family farm

Let's document a typical day in the life of our family on the farm, capturing all the special moments throughout the day. In years to come these photographs will be a priceless family heirloom treasured by all.

A great family gift and extra special for multigenerational farming families.

What can we capture in documenting your day:

Breakfast time, your kitchen and lounge area as you get ready and those quirky looks of I'm a super or not so keen morning person, interior/exterior of your home, kids playing with their fav pets, getting off to school, catching the school bus, letting the dogs out, feeding out, attending to stock, harvesting, milking time, book work, lunchtime, scenic shots of your farm (stock, irrigation, crops, pastures, speciality crops etc.), scones, cream and jam at afternoon tea... ladies we all know this is not real life every day, but makes for great photos...LOL... school pick up, some family photos in your "about home" and "town clothes" if you like, tea time, kids getting ready for bed/office work, shots around the farm as the sun sets and the animals start to play! I'll be your third wheel for the day, and you won't even know I'm there after a while!

I'm a farm girl from Dorie, and I know about electric fences, unpredictable farm animals and heavy machinery, so I'll do my best to keep out of trouble!!! I capture you all just as you are from sunrise to sunset, sessions start from $2800+GST and include a beautiful 10x10 20-page legacy album.

Let's do this! Send me a message today, and we'll create priceless memories together!


You and your family around the farm!

Email Joanne now!

Annette Maw | Methven

"My daughter doesn't look any older than the day she left home, a fun photoshoot with all the family. Thank you all and especially the marvellous photographer Joanne who nailed it."

She nailed it.

Serena Scott | Methven

"Joanne was amazing. We had various locations, a highly energetic toddler, outfit changes and all felt so comfortable and easy-going. Highly recommend Joanne for any occasion x"

It All felt so comfortable and easy-going.

Tiffany and Dan and tyson, CHRISTCHURCH

"Thank you so much for sending through the photos! We absolutely love them! I think we’ll adore looking back on how tiny his wee feet were and you’ve really captured his natural expressions!

Thanks again."

natural expressions

Ange, Christchurch

"Thank you so much. Those are gorgeous pics of Coop! Really appreciate it."

They are gorgeous

Emily Trumper | Ashburton

"Thank you sooo much for capturing these pics for us, still in aw over them. x"

Thank you!

Carmen and Paul Trumper | Ashburton

"With our daughter finally being able to return home post-Covid, the time was right to capture some family memories. Jo of Joanne McCloy Photography was selected and from then on the communication leading up to the date was great with ideas for the day. The day arrived and Jo had some trade secrets to make us feel relaxed and motivated participants, including the dog. The end result was amazing and we’re thrilled with the result. Thank you, Jo, you really did make our day and captured our moment in time."

you really did make our day and captured our moment in time.

Here to help



Props can add interest and personality to your photos. If you would like to include props, please let me know ahead of time so I can plan accordingly.

May we bring props to our session?



Session time varies depending on the package you select. Regular sessions span about an hour.

How long do sessions last?



I’d loved to share some of my favorite places! Don’t feel like you are limited to my suggestions. Also, please keep in mind that when kids are involved, it’s best to stick to one setting, such as a park or playground. Pick a place where they are comfortable being themselves.

Will you suggest a location for the session?