Why does community always trump competition?

One of the things I love and cherish about my photography passion is the beautiful community of like-minded souls I'm meeting. I've never experienced the openness and sense of belonging I do when I'm hanging out with fellow photographers.

I've found that topics that sometimes can be off limits in most circles are being talked about so freely and from a place of love and genuine care, which reflects the caring nature of most photographers. Learning about and sharing our passions, struggles, self-doubt, pricing, our next focus and goals have been so inspirational. I've never felt so connected with a sense of belonging or being part of a community like this - it's the most remarkable and motivating feeling.

Here are a few things I've discovered whilst networking with fellow photographers inside and outside my local area this week.

Friendship: Working in your own business can feel isolating sometimes, and connecting with your tribe helps you appreciate other people like you who share the same passions and get just as excited about great light as you do! Sometimes, that alone can make you feel slightly different!!!! Another new thing is feeling more relaxed about commenting and engaging with their business on social media once you've met them in person. As these friendships deepen, I'm not sure who will feel the most satisfaction, them or me, when they hit their goals!!!

Validation/confidence - I don't know about other photographers. Still, sometimes I've found as a creative, you can be critical of your own work, and it's relatively easy for imposter syndrome to set in. We're all guilty of scrolling Instagram and becoming envious of others in our industry. What I've enjoyed most about chatting with other photographers is the realisation I'm facing the same challenges they're facing now or in the past, and it's normal! It could be easy to have a scarcity mindset, believe there's not enough work to go around and be fearful of connecting with people in your industry. Still, the truth is there are more than enough opportunities for everyone!!!

As they say, inspiration is great, but taking action drives evolution, growth and prosperity, and I've found myself taking plenty of that thanks to the honest, inspiring conversations I've had this week, and I can't wait to share my progress with you.

Thanks, ladies, for taking the time to catch up - I've learnt and grown so much and gained clarity on a few things I have been challenged by. I'm forever grateful, Kathryn, Jaimee and Margy. xxx

Thanks for reading!

- Joanne

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