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I've always shied away from sharing my personal story about what led me to photography, but I hope by sharing why capturing moments in time through my lens of the world creates a legacy for my subjects to enjoy and an heirloom for their families matters. Click the image and watch the Podcast.

I was honoured to be asked to be featured on the Unapologetic Woman Podcast recently by Elle Nagy. Here are a few words to introduce the podcast...

I first met Joanne back in 2016. She was one of my very first New Zealand clients, and it’s no wonder that she’s my first guest from this country. Over the years I have marvelled at her personal growth and transformation both in business and as a woman. I’ve also had the absolute delight of being one of her first photography clients and let me just say, being captured through her lens was an incredible experience. And this from someone who generally shies away from the camera.

In keeping with all the firsts, she also told me afterwards that this was the very first time she has been interviewed on a podcast!

In this episode, we delve into a deeper conversation around allowing ourselves to be seen as she so beautifully demonstrates through her photography.

Some of what we discussed:
► Showing up unapologetically
► Grief doesn’t go away
► Being seen is a snap-shot in time
► The freedom of connecting to this moment for simply being a moment
► Relationships with long tentacles
► The gift of creating
► Be you, Do you

I talk about this exact photograph on the podcast and its significance... but just to say at this exact moment, I knew I had found my destiny. If you can imagine the beautiful intersection of this surfer (who looked like my late brother who too loved the ocean) being in full focus both inside and outside the glass right where the white circle is in Elle's hand. A moment that will never be repeated.

I would love to hear your perspective on being seen and your level of comfort in this. Message me joanne@joannemccloy.co.nz.

You can listen to this deeply personal and powerful interview on any of the following platforms:

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On YouTube: https://youtu.be/kzO_b6nyFfY

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